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Full text of "University of Alberta Fall Convocation for the Conferring of Degrees - November 1965 - Fall - 1965"

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Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium 



The Dean of the Faculty of Arts asks the candidates for 
degrees to rise and presents them with these words: 

“Eminent Chancellor and President, on behalf of the Facul¬ 
ties, I present to you these scholars and ask that they be 
pledged and admitted to the degrees to which they are 


The President, then rising, addresses the candidates in 
these words: 

“Do you promise faithfully to observe and loyally to main¬ 
tain the statutes, customs, privileges and liberties of this your 
University? Do you pledge your honor that when you be¬ 
come a member of Convocation you will vote only for those 
whom you surely know or firmly believe to be fit and proper 
persons to share in the government of this University? Do 
you solemnly promise to conduct yourself in all things loyally 
and faithfully to the honor of your University, the encourage¬ 
ment of learning and the good of your country?” 

Each candidate replies: “These things I pledge myself to 


The Chancellor then addresses the candidates in these 

“By virtue of the authority vested in me by the Legislature 
of this Province, and with the consent of this University, I 
admit you to the degrees to which you are entitled, and invest 
you with all the powers, rights and privileges pertaining to 
such degrees, and I charge you to use them for the glory of 
God and honor of your country.” 

Candidates then sit down. 

University of Alberta 

for the 


Two o’clock, Saturday Afternoon 
November the Twentieth 
Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-five 
Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium 
Edmonton, Alberta 



The audience will remain seated until a fanfare from the Band signals the arrival of the 
Chancellor and the other members of the Platform Party. 


Reverend R. M. Montague, C.S.B., B.A., M.A. 


Mabel Patrick, B.A., M.A. 

Presented by Dr. E. L. Empey 

Rudolph Hennig 
Presented by Dr. T. C. Byrne 

Walter Bertram Herbert, B.A., LL.B. 

Presented by Dr. W. H. Johns 

Dr. W. B. Herbert 

The Presentation 
The Pledge 
The Admission 


Music by the Regimental Band of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Under 
the direction of Lieut. G. C. Naylor, Mus.B., F.T.C.L., G.R.S.M., A.R.C.M., L.R.A.M. 



Third Year: 

William J. Guthrie, 

Faculty of Arts 


Faculty of Education 

Fourth Year: 

Stuart B. Bailie, Edmonton 
William G. Cathcart, Edmonton 
Sister Mary Lucy (Florentine Deck), 


Jens W. Johnson, Lacombe 
Leona L. Pickard, Edmonton 


(The following graduate awards have been made since the publication of the Convocation 
Program for May, 1965.) 

The following awards are open in one Field of Study only: 


The W. K. Kellogg Foundation Fellowships in Educational Administration 

Not awarded 


The James Patrick Folinsbee Memorial Scholarship in Creative Writing 

Not awarded 


The W. S. Buchanan Book Prize 

Not awarded 


The Warner-Lambert Graduate Fellowship 

Alec Shysh, Vilna 

The Pfizer Research Scholarship 

Vera Mary Kotylak, Edmonton 


The Lamond, Dewhurst and Associates Limited Scholarship 

Robert R. Haney Edmonton 


The list of candidates for degrees and diplomas appearing herein is subject to such 
corrections, with respect to both deletions and additions, as may be necessary. 


Admitted to the Degree of Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa 

Mabel Patrick, B.A., M.A. 

Rudolph Hennig 

Walter Bertram Herbert, B.A., LL.B. 

Admitted to the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy 

Candidates presented hy Professor A. G. McCalla, 

Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies 

Victor Robert Blake, B.Sc. (Alberta) “An Application of Social-Psychological Theory in 
the Analysis of the Choice of a Scientific Career” (Secondary Education), Edmonton 
James Buchan Campbell, B.Sc. (University of Aberdeen) “Comparative Studies of Three 
Variants of Mengo Encephalomyelitis Virus” (Biochemistry), Scotland 
Jhor Zinovie Chorneyko, B.A., M.A. (Saskatchewan) “Unbiased Estimation, Simplicity and 
Optimality in Certain Binominal Sampling Plans” (Mathematical Statistics), Ontario 
Robert John Cushley, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Alberta) “The Configuration of Kanamycin A” 
(Chemistry), Edmonton 

George Richard De Mare, B.Sc. (Manitoba) “Some Reactions of the Triplet State of Mono¬ 
olefins” (Chemistry), Manitoba 

Edward Warren Fenton, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Alberta) “Magnetoacoustic Oscillations in Metals” 
(Physics), Edmonton 

Emery Raynald Fortin, B.A., B.Sc. (Laval), M.Sc. (Alberta) “Hall Effect and Electrical 
Conductivity of CU 2 0” (Physics), Quebec 

John Dietrich Friesen, B.A., M.Ed. (British Columbia) “Relationship of GSR, Heart-Rate 
and Personality Traits to Information Intake” (Educational Psychology), Edmonton 
Donald Malcolm Graham, B.Sc. (University of St. Andrews) “Certain Aspects of the 
Metabolism of Some Quinolizidine Alkaloids by Lupinus luteus var. Romulus” (Plant 
Biochemistry), Scotland 

Aung Gyi, B.S., M.S. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) “Ultimate Strength and 
Behavior of Plates” (Civil Engineering), Burma 
Cyril Gladstone Hampson, B.A. (Alberta) “Locomotion and Some Associated Morphology 
in the Northern Flying Squirrel” (Zoology), Edmonton 
Ray Francis Ethelred Harvey, B.A., B.Ed. (Manitoba) “School Organizational Climate and 
Teacher Classroom Behavior” (Educational Administration), Saskatchewan 
Leonard Vincent Hills, B.Sc., M.Sc. (British Columbia) “Palynology and Age of Early 
Tertiary Basins, Interior British Columbia” (Geology), British Columbia 
Ernest John Ingram, B.Ed., M.Ed. (Alberta) “Member Involvement in the Alberta Teachers’ 
Association” (Educational Administration), Edmonton 
Jesse William George Ivany, B.Sc. (Memorial University of Newfoundland), M.A. 
(Columbia University) “A Comparison of Expository and Hyphothetical Modes of 
Teaching Science” (Secondary Education), Edmonton 
Rudolph Frank Kouba, B.S. (Ohio State University), M.S. (University of Vermont) 
“Comparative Physico-Chemical Studies of Cardiac Tropomyosins” (Biochemistry), 

Benjamin Chi-Ko Lu, B.S. (National Taiwan University), M.Sc. (Alberta) “Fine Structures 
in Fruiting Bodies of Coprinus, with Special Emphasis on Chromosome Structure” 
(Botany and Genetics), Republic of China 

Dante Lupini, B.A. (Thomas More Institute for Adult Education), B.Ped. (Montreal) “A 
Study of the Relation of Differential Values to Social and Administrative Interactions” 
(Educational Administration), Quebec 

Frederick James Dougald McDonald, B.Sc. (University of Tasmania), M.Sc. (University of 
Queensland) “The Male and Female Genitalia of North American Pentatomoidea 
(Hemiptera: Heteroptera): Morphology and Bearing on Classification” (Entomology), 


Clarence Stirling McDowell, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. (Saskatchwan) “The Dynamics of the 
Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation” (Educational Administration), Saskatchewan 
Douglas Barry Mackay, B.A. (New Brunswick), M.Sc. (Alberta) “The Effect of Stress on 
Activity and Autonomic Liability” (Psychology), New Brunswick 
Michael Meheriuk, B.Sc., B.Ed. (Alberta) “Some Biochemical Studies on the Production 
of Ethylene by a Particulate Fraction from Ripening Tomatoes” (Plant Biochemistry), 

Raymond Anthony Miller, B.Sc., B.Ed. (Alberta) “Physiological and Biochemical Studies 
of a Mutant from Gateway Barley” (Plant Physiology and Biochemistry), Edmonton 
Anupama Mishra, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Bihar University) “The Synthesis and Thermal De¬ 
composition of 1-Pyrazolines” (Chemistry), India 
Richard Edward Moskalyk, B.S.P., M.Sc. (Saskatchewan) “The Preparation and Structural 
Elucidation of Some Xanthenylsulfanilamides” (Pharmaceutical Chemistry), St. Albert 
James Stephen Muldowney, B.Sc., M.Sc. (National University of Ireland) “Analyticity and 
Asymptotics of Jost Functions” (Mathematics), Ireland 
Stanley John Paluch, A.B., M.A. (University of California) “Philosophical Inquiry into 
the Language and Methodology of History” (Philosophy), U.S.A. 

Ganpat Shankar Pandit, B.E. (University of Sauger), M.Sc. (Alberta) “Torsional Strength 
and Behavior of Concrete Beams in Combined Loading” (Civil Engineering), India 
Cranleigh Owen Parkes, B.Sc. (University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire), 
M.Sc. (University of Wales) “The Activation of Chymotrypsinogen-B” (Biochemistry), 

Lawrence Eugene Pass, B.A., M.A. (Toronto) “Effects of Stress, Response Class Com¬ 
plexity, Task Orientation, Anxiety and Sex on Verbal Conditioning” (Educational 
Psychology), Ontario 

Alexander William Pressey, B.A., M.A. (Manitoba) “The Distance Gradient in Visual and 
Kinesthetic Figural After-effects” (Psychology), Edmonton 
Joseph William Quinn, B.A., B.Ed. (St. Francis Xavier), M.Ed. (Alberta) “An Investigation 
of Personality and Cognitive Correlates of Religious Devoutness” (Educational Psych¬ 
ology) , Nova Scotia 

Eugene William Ratsoy, B.Sc., B.Ed. (Alberta) “A Comparative and Cross-Sectional 
Study of Attitudes of Prospective Teachers” (Educational Adminstration), Edmonton 
Kuljit Singh Sidhu, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Panjab University) “Reactions of Sulphur Atoms and 
Thiomethylene Biradicals” (Chemistry), India 
Frank Stenger, B.Sc., M.Sc. (Alberta) “Error Bounds for Solutions of Differential Equations” 
(Numerical Analysis), Warburg 

John Charles Strick, B.A. (Manitoba), M.A. (Assumption University of Windsor) 
“Government Expenditures and Fiscal Policy: An Approach to Analysis” (Economics), 

Juliet Sylvia Sutton, B.A. (University of Oxford), M.A. (Alberta) “Thackeray’s Novels: 

Irony in Theme and Technique” (English), Edmonton 
Cornelis Van Breemen, D.V.M. (Toronton), M.Sc. (Alberta) “Calcium Distribution and 
Exchange in Rat Uterus” (Pharmacology), Edmonton 
Kulbhushankumar Vasudeva, B.Chem.Eng., M.Sc.(Tech.) (University of Bombay), M.Sc. 
(Alberta) “Vapor-Phase Reactions of n-Propanol on Solid Catalysts” (Chemical 
Engineering), India 

Donald Robert Weir, B.Sc. (St. Francis Xavier) “Colorimetric Determination of Heats of 
Protonation” (Chemistry), British Columbia 
John Joseph Wine, B.A. (Bridgewater College), M.S. (Iowa State College) “Relationships 
Between Scanning, Field Articulation and Second Order Personality Factors” (Ed¬ 
ucational Psychology), U.S.A. 

George Nicholas Carl Woodall, B.S. (Stanford University) “Alkane-Mercury-Photo¬ 
sensitized Decompositions Inhibited by Nitric Oxide” (Chemistry), Edmonton 
Harvey Wilfred Zingle, B.Ed., M.Ed. (Alberta) “A Rational Therapy Approach to Counsel¬ 
ing” (Educational Psychology), Edmonton 

Admitted to the Degree of Master of Arts 

David Walter Ayers, B.A. (University of Redlands) “Arousal and Communication as 
Functions of Role Conflict” (Psychology), U.S.A. 


Jack Gordon Beach, B.A. (Alberta) “Offer Curve Analysis in Wage Theory” (Economics), 

Affy Joan Brumlik, B.A. (Toronto), B.Ed. (Alberta) “L’Yvain de Chretien de Troves: 

Etude Critique” (French Literature), Edmonton 
Terence Roy Carlton, B.A. (Saskatchewan) “Ukrainian Loanwords in Polish” (Slavonic 
Languages), Saskatchewan 

Albert Vital Carron, B.P.E. (Alberta) “Complex Motor Skill Performance Under Conditions 
of Externally Induced Stress” (Physical Education), Edmonton 
Ernest Wayne Clendenning, B.Sc. (Manitoba) “The Forward Canadian Dollar, 1959-1964” 
(Economics), Manitoba 

Wendy Jane Dahlgren, B.P.E. (Alberta) “The Effect of Chronic Exercise on the Weight of 
Selected Internal Organs of Young Rats” (Physical Education), Edmonton 
Johannes Diemer, B.A. (Alberta) “L’Ambigui'te des images dan “Spleen et Ideal” (Les 
Fleurs du Mai ) de Charles Baudelaire” (French Literature), Edmonton 
Patricia Ann Diewold, B.A. (Alberta) “The Effect of Response Pretraining on Paired- 
Associate Learning” (Psychology), Calgary 

Daniel Patrick Fearon, B.A. (Alberta) “Le Role de la Servante dans la Creation de 
l’Heroine tragique comme Type litteraire de la Litterature realiste de la derniere 
moitie du Dix-neuvieme Siecle” (French literature), Edmonton 
Bohdan Harasymiw, B.A. (Queen’s University, Kingston) “The Supreme Soviet of the 
U.S.S.R.: Organization and Procedure” (Political Science), Saskatchewan 
Kyril Theodore Holden, B.Sc. (Alberta) “A Contrastive Study of the Russian and English 
Aspectual Categories” (Slavonic Linguistics), Edmonton 
Stanley Humenuk, B.A. (Alberta) “The Kholm Question: A Case Study of Duma Policy 
with Respect to Nationality” (History), U.S.A. 

Audrey Grace Jolly, B.A. (Bethel College) “A Phonology of the Apa Tani Word” (Lin- 
quistics), India 

Dennis Melvin Kadatz, BP.E. (Alberta) “The Relationship of Weight Distribution and 
Charging Time for Football Linemen” (Physical Education), Edmonton 
Wolfe Engelbrecht Kirchmeir, B.A. (Alberta) “The Major Themes of Swift’s Satiric Verse” 
(English), Edmonton 

Michael Lapidge, B.A. (Alberta) “Sigrdrifa-Brynhild: A Structural Problem in the 
Elder Edda’ (English), Calgary 

Margaret Anne Luyat, B.A. (Toronto) “A Study of Sir Gawain as a Serious-Ironic Hero 
in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” (English), Ontario 
William Warren MacGillivary, B.P.E. (New Brunswick) “The Relationship of Certain 
Underlying Capacities to Ability Level in a Complex Gross Motor Skill” (Physical 
Education), Nova Scotia 

Barbara Marie McIntosh, B.Sc. (Manitoba) “Differences in Psychological Indices Between 
Third and First Year Student Nurses” (Psychology), Manitoba 
Elizabeth Trent McIntosh, B.A. (Alberta) “Hartmann von Aue’s Gregorius: der gute 
Sunder” (Mediaeval German Literature), Edmonton 
James Trevor McNeely, B.Sc. (Manitoba) “W. H. Auden and the Drama” (English), 

Jean Borthwick Malcolm, M.A. (University of Saint Andrws) “Two Wardrobe Books of 
Thomas of Brotherton and Edmund of Woodstock, Fifth and Sixth Sons of Edward I” 
(History), Edmonton 

Ronald Norman George Marken, B.A. (Concordia College) “Light and Dark Imagery in 
Hopkins’s Major Verse” (English), Edmonton 
Donald Wayne Moodie, B.A. (Carleton) “The St. Albert Settlement: A Study in Historical 
Geography” (Geography), Quebec 

Vivien Elizabeth Mordecai, B.A. (University of Leicester) “Le Theatre d’Avant-Garde en 
France” (French Literature), Wales 

Richard John Mouw, B.A. (Houghton College) “Behaviour and Mental States” (Philosophy), 

William Russell Novakshonoff, B.A., B.Ed. (Saskatchewan) “An Inquiry into the Iconology 
of Russian Painting of the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century” (Russian Language 
and Literature), Saskatchewan 

Karl Andreas Peter, B.A. (Alberta) “Social Class and the Conception of the Calling” 
(Sociology), Edmonton 


Robert Joseph Piau, B.Ped. (Sherbrooke), B.Ped. (Laval) “A Comparison of Various 
Types of Boxing Gloves on the Basis of Certain Impact Measure” (Physical Education), 

David Lyle Rennie, B.Sc. (Alberta) “The Effect of Electro-Convulsive Therapy on 
Reminiscence and Kinesthetic Figural Aftereffects” (Psychology), Three Hills 
Gunter Eckhard Rochow, BA. (Saskatchewan) “The Use of Greek Words in Cicero’s 
Philosophical Works” (Classics), Ontario 

Alexander Royick, B.A. (Alberta) “Lexical Borrowings in Alberta Ukrainian” (Slavonic 
Languages), Edmonton 

Antony William Sedgwick, B.A. (University of Birmingham) “Some Aspects of the 
Relationships Between Resting, Exercise, and Recovery Heart Rates and Physical 
Fitness” (Physical Education), England 

Roger Alfred Shiner, B.A. (University of Cambridge) “The Theory of Forms in Plato’s 
Later Dialogues” (Philosophy), England 

Saviour John Stellini, B.A. (Royal University of Malta) “Chaucer’s Structural and 
Thematic Use of Courtly Love” (English), Malta 
Norbert Stinner, B.A. (McMaster) “Animal Metaphors in Vergil” (Classics), Calgary 
Liam Tallon, B.A. (University of Melbourne) “The Concept of Inference” (Philosophy), 

Derek Allan Tumber, B.A. (University of Liverpool) “The Worship of Elagabalus at 
Rome” (Classics), Edmonton 

Margaret Anne Tumber, B.A. (University of Liverpool) “Barlach’s: Der blaue Boll” 
(German Literature), Edmonton 

Jean Eleanor Veevers, B.A. (Alberta) “An Empirical Study of Attitude Scaling” 
(Sociology), Edmonton 

Kuei-Shou Wu, B.A. (Peiping Normal University) “Physical Education in the Republic 
of China from 1880 to 1965” (Physical Education), Republic of China 
Gisela Elise Anna Wulff, B.Ed. (Alberta) “Das Problem der Realitat bei Gottfried Benn 
und T. S. Eliot” (German Literature), Edmonton 
Chester Ronald Young, B.A. (Alberta) “The United States Congress and the Army, 1866- 
1881” (History), Edmonton 

Edward William Roy Zahar, B.Sc., B.Ed., B.P.E. (Alberta) “Reliability and Improvement 
with Repeated Performance of the Sjostrand Work Capacity Test” (Physical Education), 

Admitted to the Degree of Master of Science 

Soenartono Adisoemarto, B.Sc. (Alberta) “The Taxonomy and Distribution of the Asilidae 
(Diptera) of Alberta” (Entomology), Indonesia 
George Gaylen Armstrong, B.S.A. (Manitoba) “An Examination of the Cementum of the 
Teeth of Bovidae with Special Reference to its Use in Age Determination” (Zoology), 

Gerald Henry Young Baycroft, B.P.E. (Alberta) “An Evaluation of the Modified 
Astrand-Rhyming Nomogram as an Estimator of Maximal Oxygen Consumption” 
(“Physical Education), Edmonton 

Sheila Alice Berry, B.Sc. (Alberta) “The Extracellular Nuclease Activity of Micrococcus 
sodonensis” (Microbiology), Edmonton 

Nestor Bobey, B.Sc. (Manitoba) “A Field Study of Bed Activity in the Lower Red Deer 
River” (Civil Engineering), Edmonton 

Donald Wark Boucher, B.Sc. (Alberta) “The Isolation, Purification and Characterization 
of a Bacteriophage Infectious for Pseudomonas fluorescens” (Microbiology), Edmonton 
David Raymond Anthony Budney, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Hydraulic Extrusion” (Mechanical 
Engineering), Edmonton 

Donald Stewart Cameron, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Studies of Intermediary Metabolism in the 
Cotyledons of Germinating Peas, with Reference to the Role of the Tricarboxylic Acid 
Cycle” (Botany), Calgary 

Toussaint Paul Georges Carola, Ingenieur (Institut National des Sciences Appliquees, 
Lyon), Ingenieur (Genie Atomique) (Universite de Grenoble) “Study of the Low 
Excited States of Na 22 from the Reaction F 19 ( a , n y )Na 22 ” (Physics), France 

William Alexander Charnetski, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Residues in 
Ducklings” (Entomology), Edmonton 


Su Chiau Cheng, B.Sc. (Nanyang University) “Sex Hormones and Prolactin in Phalaropes 
in Relation to Plumage and Behavioural Sex Dimorphism” (Physiology), Malaya 
Chinn-Chann Chiang, B.Sc. (National Taiwan University) “Binding Energy of Nuclear 
Matter” (Physics), Republic of China 

Svein Erik Christiansen, Dipl. Ing. (Techniches Hochschule Miinchen) “The Development 
of Air Velocity Profiles in a Vertical Tube with a Diverging Conical Inlet” (Chemical 
Engineering), Norway 

Murray Hugh Colbo, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Taxonomy and ecology of the Helminths of the 
American Coot in Alberta” (Zoology), Olds 
Joan Elizabeth Sutherland Dakin, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Urinary Methyl Malonic Acid as an 
Index of Vitamin B12 Metabolism” (Biochemistry), Edmonton 
Per Anders Daniels, Fil. mag. (Uppsala University) “The Urban Heat Island and Air 
Pollution with Application to Edmonton, Alberta” (Geography), Sweden 
Lyle Anacletus David, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Avian Isoantigens” (Genetics), St. Albert 
Walter Dedio, B.Sc. (Saskatchewan) “Gas Chromatography of Indole Auxins” (Plant 
Biochemistry), Saskatchewan 

Vicente de la Cruz, B.Sc. (National Taiwan University) “Scattering by Non-Local 
Potentials” (Physics), Philippines 

John Douglas Dudar, B.Sc. (Alberta) “The Effect of Certain Psychotherapeutic Agents on 
Adenosine Triphosphate in Some Organs of the Rat (Biopharmacy), Calgary 
James Ingham Elliot, B.S.A. (Toronto) “Studies on Cultures of Rumen Celluloytic 
Bacteria Treated with Isonicontinic Acid Hydrazide, a Vitamin B-6 Inhibitor” (Animal 
Nutrition), Ontario 

Charles James Elliott, B.A.Sc. (Waterloo) “Low Temperature Properties of the Antiferro¬ 
magnetic Face-Centered Cubic Ising Model” (Physics), Ontario 
John Elia Evanoff, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Effect of Solvent and Temperature on Diffusion 
Coefficients” (Chemistry), Edmonton 

Mohammad Fazil, B.Sc. (University of the Panjab, Pakistan) “High Viscosity Crude Dis¬ 
placement in a Long Unconsolidated Natural Sand Pack Using Carbonated Brine” 
(Petroleum Engineering), West Pakistan 

Douglas Webster Ferrier, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Movement Curvature Relationship of Composite 
Steel and Concrete Beams” (Civil Engineering), Edmonton 
Vernon Martin Gleddie, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Interrelationship of Milk Yield, Milk Composition 
and Calf Growth” (Animal Genetics), Tilley 
Stephen Robert Goldstein, B.A. (Kansas Wesleyan University) “Aggression as a Reinforcer 
in Siamese Fighting Fish: A Repetition and a Control” (Psychology), U.S.A. 

Howard James Green, B.A., B.P.H.E. (Queen’s University, Kingston) “A Comparison of the 
Work Capacity of the Urban and Rural Secondary School Populations in the Province 
of Alberta as Measured by the Astrand Submaximal Bicycle Ergometer Test” (Physical 
Education), Ontario 

Yong Deng Hang, B.S. (National Taiwan University) “Studies on the Microbial Modification 
of Soybeans for Human Consumption” (Food Microbiology), Republic of China 
Denis Hanson, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Explicit Estimates in the Theory of Distribution of 
Primes” (Mathematics), Edmonton 

Edward George Hunter, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Studies on the Relationship Between Porphyrin 
Biosynthesis and Acute Porphyria” (Pharmacology), Lethbridge 
Lew Cameron Hutchinson, B.Sc. (Alberta) “A Study of Carbon Transport in Fe, Fe-Mn, 
and Fe-Si Alloys Under the Influence of an Electric Field” (Metallurgical Engineering), 

Rodney Carl Hyde, B.A., B.P.E. (McMaster) “The Astrand-Rhyming Nomogram as a 
Predictor of Aerobic Capacity for Secondary School Students” (Physical Education), 

Albert James Jenik, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Facies and Geometry of the Swan Hills Member 
in the Goose River Field, Alberta” (Geology), Edmonton 
Eric William Johnon, B.Sc. (University of London) “A Three Dimensional Photoelastic 
Investigation of Stress Concentrations in Operably Deformed Human Teeth” (Applied 
Mechanics), Edmonton 

Eduard Willem Jan Kerkhoven, B.Sc. (Alberta) “The Determination of Trisaturated 
Triglycerides” (Food Chemistry), Edmonton 


Guy-Michel Lafon, Equivalent of B.Sc. (Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines—Paris) 
“A Petrograhic and Geochemical Study of the Nisku Formation in the Leduc-Woodbend 
Field, Alberta” (Geology), France 

Shook-Leng Lam, B.Sc. (Nanyang University) “Variability Among Isolates of Colleto- 
trichum graminicolum from Some Grasses in Alberta” (Plant Pathology), Malaya 
Paul Luke Lemay, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Calcium Incorporation and Translocation in Corn and 
White Mustard Roots” (Botany), Edmonton 

Gerrie Allen Leslie, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Problems in the Control of Bacteria in Oil-Water 
Combinations” (Microbiology), Edmonton 

Randy Keith Lomnes, B.Sc. (Alberta) “The Photo-Thermoelectric Effect in Cadmium 
Sulfide” (Physics), Wetaskiwin 

Bryan Russell Long, B.Sc. (Alberta) “An Investigation of Fatigue Crack Propagation in 
Mild Steel Sheet Subjected to Cyclic Bending” (Mechanical Engineering), Ponoka 
Brian Raymond McDonald, B.Sc. (Alberta) “The DNA Content of Centrioles of Neurospora 
crassa During Divisions I and IV of Ascosporogenesis” (Genetics), Edmonton 
James Gordon McLarnon, B.Sc. (Alberta) “The Study of the 3.62 Mev. State in Si 29 
via the Reaction Mg 2,i ( a , n v )Si 29 ” (Physics), Edmonton 
Robert Paul Markley, A.B. (University of Redlands) “Subject Effects in Cross Modality 
Matching” (Psychology), U.S.A. 

Bhupatrai Ratilal Metha, B.Chem.Eng. (University of Bombay) “Gas Hydrates in the 
Propane-Carbon Dioxide System” (Chemical Engineering), India 
Victor Robert Messier, B.P.E. (Alberta) “The Effect of Repetitive Tetanic Stimulation on 
Muscle Strength and Fatigue in Healthy Subjects” (Physical Education), Edmonton 
Edward Milton Morrison, B.Sc. (Alberta) “A Critical Examination of Inclined Cracking 
Equations” (Civil Engineering), Red Deer 

Gunter Kurt Muecke, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Fracture Analysis in the Canadian Rocky 
Mountains” (Geology), Calgary 

Andrew Peebles Nimmo, B.Sc. (New Brunswick) “The Arrival Pattern of Trichoptera at 
Artificial Light Near Montreal, Quebec” (Entomology), Ontario 
James McKay Orr, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Quantitative Thin-Layer Chromatography of Selected 
Pharmaceuticals” (Pharmaceutics), Edmonton 
William Thomas Painter, Equivalent of B.Sc. (Unversity of London) “An Investigation of 
the Leseur Landslide at Edmonton, Alberta” (Civil Engineering), England 
Jerome Frederick Pauls, B.Sc. (Alberta) “The Effect of Sodium Hydroxide on Spores of 
Bacillus subtilis, as Demonstrated by the Electron Microscope” (Food Science), Edmonton 
Eliot Asher Phillipson, M.D. (Alberta) “The Effect of Physical Training on Anaerobic 
Metabolism in Emphysema” (Medicine), Edmonton 
Cordell Brownie Rolfson, B.Sc. (Alberta) “A Compiling Technique for the Iverson 
Language” (Computing Science), Taber 

Terry Lee Rollins, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Some Properties of Silver Oxide Films” (Physics), 

John Pemberton Ryder, B.Sc. (Alberta) “The Breeding Biology of Ross’s Goose in the 
Perry River Region, Northwest Territories” (Zoology), Edmonton 
William Hobert Sharp, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Food Habits and Habitat Preferences of Microtus 
pennsylvanicus and Other Small Rodents” (Zoology), Lethbridge 
George Stanley Shaw, B.P.E. (Alberta) “The Relationship of Static Strength to Strength- 
in-Action” (Physical Education), Nanton 

William John Simpson, D.D.S. (Alberta) “A Study of Crown Morphology of Newly-erupted 
First Permanent Molars in 1 Wetaskiwin (Optimum Fluoride) and Camrose (Low 
Fluoride)” (Pediatric Dentistry), Edmonton 
Ashok Kumar Singhal. B.Sc. (Ranchi University) “Laboratory Simulation of Unconsolidat¬ 
ed Porous Media” (Petroleum Engineering), India 
John Joseph Sparling, B.Sc. (Alberta) “A Critical Examination of the Uses of Differential 
Thermal Analysis in the Field of Polymer Science” (Chemical Engineering), Calgary 
David Tupper Spurr, B.Sc. (Alberta) “Carcass Studies in Crossbred Pigs Sired by 
Hampshire, Lacombe and Poland China Boars” (Animal Genetics), Edmonton 
Satish Kumar Srivastava, B.Sc. (Agra University) “Palynoiogy of Late Cretaceous 
Mammal-beds, Scollard, Alberta” (Geology), India 


John Peter Stothart, B.P.E. (Alberta) “Application of the Specificity Concept to Four 
Measures of Muscular Endurance” (Physical Education), Edmonton 
Kanakatti Subramanya, B.E. (University of Mysore), M.Sc. (University of Madras) 
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Admitted to the Degree of Master of Education 

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Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Laws 

Candidates presented by Professor W. F. Bowker, 

Dean of the Faculty of Law 

Clayton Joseph Kobie, Edmonton Francis McLean Saville, Edmonton 

Barinder Singh Pannu, Edmonton 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Arts ( Honors) 

Candidates presented by Professor D. E. Smith, 

Dean of the Faculty of Arts 

Sonya Perkins, Edmonton 
(with Honors in Psychology) 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Arts 

With Distinction 
Myrna Ann Kostash, 

Rita Sharon Adamic, Edmonton 

Valerie Lynn Anderson, Edmonton 

Robert Theodore Bendfeld, Heisler 

Robert Berube, Edmonton 

Jerry Floyd Bigam, Edmonton 

Marilyn Ann Biollo, Edmonton 

Dale Layton Blue, Hardisty 

Morris Bodnar, Edmonton 

Robert Hugh Boutillier, Edmonton 

Marilyn Susan Bowen, Edmonton 

Roger Brincker, Edmonton 

Judith Ann Buchanan, Athabasca 

Teddy Leo Cabay, Ardmore 

Laurie Winifred Cameron, Eckville 

George Richard Campbell, Brooks 

Wayne Eric Carlson, Edmonton 

Allan Barrie Campbell Chivers, Edmonton 

Campbell Wallace Dalgliesh, Edmonton 

Joan Bessie Dibben, Vermilion 

Robert George Dwernychuk, Edmonton 

Roger Murray Dyck, Edmonton 

Harvey Ralph Eichelt, Edmonton 

Patricia Lynn Facey, Ardrossan 

Allan Lloyd Failing, Edmonton 

Ronald Lloyd Fenerty, Calgary 

Mary Frances Fitzpatrick 

(Sister Alphonsa), Clandonald 

Stanley Gilbert Fowler, St. Albert 
Ella Louise Freeman, Ponoka 
Joan Frances Freeman, Edmonton 
Frank Joe Gocal, Bellevue 
Ronald Carl Goos, Edmonton 
Roderick Charles Alexander Gordon, 

Charles Odias Goulet, Edmonton 
Derek Wallace Gove, Edmonton 
William Jack Guthrie, Edmonton 
Roy Colin Hales, Saskatchewan 
Susan Elizabeth Hall, British Columbia 
Emma Wyoma Hatchard, Calgary 
John Munro Hope, Edmonton 
Sharon Aileen Hynes, Calgary 
Ellen Mary Jastrebske, Charron 
Lyle Charles Jenkins, Edmonton 
Peggy Anne Joinson, Edmonton 
Danny Kanashiro, Edmonton 
Kenneth Joseph Kerr, Edmonton 
Gary Bamber Kiernan, Crossfield 
Wesley Allan Kiffiak, Skiff 
Yvette Pricilla Koshman, Edmonton 
Elizabeth Rose Anna Kostash, Edmonton 
Alexander Allan Kozeluk, Devon 
Alex Kozmak, Edmonton 
Robert Lilly, British Columbia 


Robert John McComb, Saskatchewan 
Dorothy Christine McMullan, Edmonton 
Garth McLean Martin, Edmonton 
Lloyd Kirk Miller, Red Deer 
Judith Anne Milne, Lethbridge 
Charles Kent Victor Mitchell, Edmonton 
Michael James Mullen, Edmonton 
William Russell Myskiw, Two Hills 
Sister Mary Avila Neville 

(Marguerite Mary), Rockyford 
Morton Newman, New York 
Alexander Dean Ortlieb, Edmonton 
William Hayward Parlee, Edmonton 
Joanne Maureen Parry, Rimbey 
Ted Anton Paszek, Edmonton 
Margaret Inez Platt, Calgary 

Gerald Frank Quigley, Calgary 
Carolyn Doris Ray, Edmonton 
David Wayne Rowe, Edmonton 
Ernest Jeremiah Shanahan, Saskatchewan 
Margaret Edith Smith, Hythe 
Michael George Robert Sutherland, 

James Joseph Swan, Edmonton 
Steven Raymond Switlick, Wetaskiwin 
John James Towers, Olds 
Michael Uhryn, Edmonton 
Kermit Keith Witt, Edmonton 
John David Woitenko, Edmonton 
Cecil James Wontner, Calgary 
Masa Yoneda, Edmonton 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts 

Malcolm Jaro Andrews, Edmonton 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Music 

Jean Clara Graham, Edmonton 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Science 

Canidates presented by Professor D. M. Ross, 
Dean of the Faculty of Science 

James Thorburn Anderson, Boyle 
Ellen Winnifred Appleyard, Edmonton 
Richard Alfred Basford, Edmonton 
Gordon Douglas Bell, Edmonton 
Vladimir Brecka, Delburne 
Fritz Brockman, Rosalind 
Frederick James Carmichael, Edmonton 
Arthur Leon Close, Edmonton 
Gordon George Cumming, Three Hills 
Harry Allan Davis, Camrose 
James John Dimsdale, McLennan 
Lavern Edward Doran, Ponoka 
Robert Maxwell Duke, Lacombe 
Marjory Anne Edgar, Edmonton 
Dennis Patrick Fairley, Edmonton 
Gary Francis Giffen, Strathmore 
Peter Humphrey Harasym, 

British Columbia 

Emanuel Reinhold Hoffman, Manitoba 
James Frederick Horning, Olds 
Carolyn Hamilton Johanson, Calgary 
Lawrence Perley Johnson, Edmonton 
Ducan Robert Johnston, Excel 
Merril Lloy Knudtson, Camrose 
Herman Peter Kroeker, Grande Prairie 

Joyce Evangeline Kubin, Vegreville 
Kenneth Philip Lesniak, Edmonton 
Bruce William McIntosh, Edmonton 
Douglas Brian McLean, Edmonton 
Heather Wendy McPherson, Edmonton 
James Evan Maire, Islay 
Marvin Alfred Miniely, Edmonton 
Karren Loree Phillet, Edmonton 
Joseph Nickolas Pochynok, Edmonton 
Marcel Joseph Henri Schayes, Edmonton 
Robert William Shapka, Ontario 
Charles Ralph Shobe, Edmonton 
J. Fraser Smith, Edmonton 
Myron Bernard Smolarchuk, Philomena 
Walter Friedrich Sprado, Stettler 
Edward Albert Thresher, Edmonton 
Derek Kurt Trachsel, Red Deer 
Kenneth Alton Waight, Edmonton 
Roy Ernest Weigand, Ontario 
Hugh Archibald White, Edmonton 
Max Leonard Wiedemann, Edmonton 
Brian Thom Winchester, Ontario 
Malcolm John MacLennan Young, 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering 

Candidates presented by Professor R. M. Hardy, 

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering 

Peter John Reinis, Calgary Walter George Seyer, Saskatchewan 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering 

John Richard Lauder, Edmonton Raymond John McManus, Edmonton 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 

Norman Dwayne Allen, Edmonton Peter Burnell Hancock, St. Albert 

Edmond William Buffel, Edmonton Kenneth Bruno Meurer, Edmonton 


Larry Wilbur Mills, Edmonton 
Henry John Revak, Lethbridge 

Thomas John Varty, Bassano 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering 

Dennis James Fowlie, Edmonton Andrew Noble Simpson, Calgary 

Tucker Takashi Saka, Calgary 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science 

Candidate presented by Assistant Professor J. 1. Matheson, 

Co-ordinator of the Program 

Leslie Arlene Windsor, Edmonton 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture 

Candidates presented by Professor C. F. Bentley, 

Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture 

Kenneth Charles Davies, Ponoka Ronald John Tymochko, Edmonton 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Education 
Candidates presented by Professor D. M. Dunlop 
With Distinction 

William George Cathcart, Edmonton 
Leona Pickard, Edmonton 
Catherine Anne Scott, Edmonton 
Paul Guy Piquette, Plamondon 

Arnold Anthony Allers, Saskatchewan 
Alasdair Rice Allnutt, Edmonton 
Ella Alton, Edmonton 
Leona Anderson, Egremont 
Phyllis Jane Anderson, Edmonton 
Margaret Elizabeth Andrews, Edmonton 
Antoinette Marie Aquin, Edmonton 
Phyllis Antonia Arnold, Wetaskiwin 
Richard Theodore Asp, Wetaskiwin 
Ella Ann Atkinson, Bremner 
Sandra Awbery, Edmonton 
James Dwight Baer, Edmonton 
Stuart Byron Bailie, Edmonton 
Larry Kirk Bancroft, Stony Plain 
Carole Bannister, Faust 
LeRoy Grant Barker, Boyle 
Harold Robert David Beckman, 

Monica Susan Beckman, Edmonton 
Robert Sherrick Bennett Jr., Red Deer 
Oryst Daniel Berezan, Edmonton 
Olav Edward Larry Berg, Botha 
David Alan Blacker, Edmonton 
William Thomas Bothwell, Calgary 
Albert Vital Bourcier, Edmonton 
Marie Caroline Bowen, Edmonton 
Dorothy Irene Bower, Red Deer 
Vera Ignatius Bracken, Medicine Hat 
Henri Breault, Edmonton 
Allen James Brown, Magnolia 
Sister Marie Gabriel 

(Florence Irma Brule), Edmonton 
John August Norman Buma, 

Grande Prairie 
Olga Buma, Grande Prairie 
William Bunko, Calgary 
Thelma Noreen Burnett, Delbourne 

Rodney Allen Butler, Eckville 
David Alvin Byce, Edmonton 
George Louie Caffaro, Canmore 
Arthur Wesley Carnahan, Hardisty 
June Audrey Mavis Carnine, Edmonton 
Donald Lloyd Chambers, Rocky 
Mountain House 
Sister Mary Carmel (Elizabeth 
Winnifred Connor), Edmonton 
Stewart Ellis Crerar, Banff 
Raymond Charles Cromie, Edmonton 
Paul Arthur Croteau, Edmonton 
Dorothea Anna Albertine Crummer, 

Mary Martha Cudrak, Lethbridge 
Clifford Edwin Cunningham, Edmonton 
Jean Elizabeth Cunningham, Edmonton 
Steve Darichuk, Franchere 
Barbara Hope Davis, Sherwood Park 
Sister Mary Lucy 

(Florentine Deck), Drumheller 
Mary Ann deKoning, Pearce 
Gilles Joseph Desmarais, Edmonton 
Joseph Edmond Ernest Despins, Falher 
Raymond Henri Joseph Despins, Falher 
Nick Dmetrichuk, Wrentham 
Eugene Dobransky, Derwent 
Sam Soondar Dookie, Hanna 
Emery Gillmore Dosdall, Edmonton 
Shannon Catharine Doyle, Clareholm 
Alice Louise Dupuit, Edmonton 
Agatha Dyck, Saskatchewan 
Duane Paul Eberly, Edmonton 
Eva Louise Eccleston, Edmonton 
Sharon Wendy Ehrhardt, Edmonton 
Metro Eliuk, Grand Centre 
Nick Ewanchuk, Two Hills 


Tommy Ewanchuk, Two Hills 
Betty Caroline Ewasechko, Medicine Hat 
Ernest Gerald Ewasiuk, Edmonton 
Zachary Ewasiuk, Edmonton 
Katharine Farnham, Edmonton 
Sister Mary of the immaculate Heart 
(Mary Felt), Slave Lake 
Harry Ference, Warspite 
Howard Connelly Ferguson, Edmonton 
Doris Field, Edmonton 
Ronald Wesley Fisher, Daysland 
James Fitzpatrick, Drumheller 
Lawrence Bernard Fleisher, Manitoba 
Harold Douglas Florence, Calgary 
Nadine Fodchuk, Edmonton 
Darol Maurice Fonteyne, Calgary 
Geraldine May Forbes, Nova Scotia 
Lucille Amy Forsman, Edmonton 
Sister Rose of the Cross 

(Rita Monica Fritz), Calgary 
Werner Robert Frose, Fawcett 
Sister Mary William (Isabell Geddes 
Fyvie), British Columbia 
Kenneth Gerald Garden, Redcliff 
Leola Doris Gamier, Edmonton 
Ronald James Gibbon, Edmonton 
Edna Martha Giebelhaus, Jasper 
Otto Ernest Gloeckler, Edmonton 
Archibald Lewis Goodbun, Red Deer 
Laura Isabelle Goudie, Edmonton 
Donald Hugh Graham, Devon 
Donald Afton Green, Armena 
Josef Andrew Roland Guedo, Perry vale 
Surinder Nath Gupta, Ontario 
Eileen Mary Hailstone, Ponoka 
Hazel Halvorson, Sundre 
Gene Edmond Hamel, Edmonton 
Mary Margaret Hanley, Edmonton 
Gordon Edward Hanson, Niton 
Patricia Hasse, Carvel 
Lydia Hatt, British Columbia 
Catherine Hawryluk, Mundare 
Walter Hayduk, Ardmore 
Clarke Blaine Hazlett, British Columbia 
Leo Dennis Heber, Edmonton 
Norma Hanna Heine, Edmonton 
Adolf Kurt Heise, Edmonton 
Ray Gustav Hellquist, Elk Point 
Peggie Jean Hendricks, Red Deer 
Grace Elizabeth Caroline Hendrickson, 

Theodore Michael Hensby, Ralston 
Wallace Julius Herle, Provost 
William Ronald Hewins, Wildwood 
Alexander Hilderman, Edmonton 
Sister Denise Margaret 

(Georgina Mary Hittel), Medicine Hat 
Sylvia Mary Jane Hittinger, Edmonton 
Juanita Marie Holland, Calgary 
Norman Robert Holt, Edmonton 
Marianne Gertrud Holzer, Edmonton 
Mary Stuart Hooper, Sedgewick 
Marion Lee Hopper, Priddis 
Tokio Hori, Lethbridge 
Neil Drummond Horne, Edmonton 
Douglas Howard, Calmar 
Marylynne Dianne Howard, Stettler 
Margaret Elizabeth Hozack, Edmonton 

Delmar Eugene Hunt, Penhold 
Ralph William Immel, Redcliffe 
Janice Marlene Ingham, Ontario 
Nicolas Ioannides, Edmonton 
Heber Lee Jensen, Edmonton 
Siegbert Jeske, Edmonton 
Gregg Robert Andrew Johnson, Falun 
Jens Wilfred Johnson, Lacombe 
Margaret Joy Johnston, Medicine Hat 
Sandra Jean Johnston, Edmonton 
Frederikus Franciscus Willebrordus 
Kappers, Fairview 
Erna Bernice Keil, Edmonton 
Reverend Gerald Edwin Keindel, 


Dorothy Roberta Keller, Sangudo 
Joseph Benedict Killoran, Edmonton 
Darlene Mona King, Three Hills 
James Robert Kirk, Abee 
Joan Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, Edmonton 
Victor Kostiw, Edmonton 
Wayne Clark Kotch, Edmonton 
Raymond Valentine Kraft, Edmonton 
Hans George Kratz, Sherwood Park 
Larry Walter Krause, Wetaskiwin 
Inga Christina Krider, Mannville 
Marilyn Elizabeth Kropp, Clover Bar 
Lawrence Kusiek, Hairy Hill 
George Donald Labercane, Edmonton 
Armand Joseph Leonce Laing, St. Paul 
Lucien Louis Larre, Red Deer 
Brynton Clive Lattibeaudiere, Edmonton 
David Linklater Laurence, Vermilion 
August Lehmann, Edmonton 
Doris Rosa Likness, Jarrow 
Henry Joseph Peter Lipovski, Edmonton 
Lillian Annabelle Litwin, Radway 
Joel Obert Loken, Edmonton 
Albert Strachan Lougheed, Red Deer 
Gordon Myrln Lowe, Lethbridge 
Desmond Joseph McDonald, Edmonton 
Argle David McFarlane, Edmonton 
Mary Judith McGinnis, Edmonton 
Patricia Mary McKay, Edmonton 
Hugh Charles McKenna, Spirit River 
Donald Robert McLeod, Edmonton 
Maurice McMahon, St. Albert 
Gordon George Mallett, Edmonton 
John Marsh, Manyberries 
Raymond James Martin, Delia 
Patricia Cecile Mazer, Edmonton 
Norma Kathleen Messner, 

British Columbia 
Errol Bruce Miller, Edmonton 
Joseph Guy Millisor, U.S.A. 

Linda Misanchuk, Rochester 

Heinz Joachim Ludwig Moller, Brooks 

Albert Morgan, Edmonton 

Margaret Grace Mork, Edmonton 

Marian Janet Nicholls, Westlock 

Helmut Nikolai, Edmonton 

Edwin Larry Nimco, Edmonton 

Carl Masanobu Nishimura, Coaldale 

Dale Edwin Niwa, Edmonton 

Harry Norenberg, Edmonton 

Ernest Ivor Norlin, Wainwright 

Regine Julienne Marie Norlin, Wainwright 


Miles Oliver Nysetvold, Wainwright 
Jean Emelie O’Brien, Grande Prairie 
Clarence Lowell Olsen, Edmonton 
Murray Dean Olsen, Edmonton 
James Russell Osborne, Edmonton 
Julius William Owchar, Hylo 
Swinder Kaur Pannu, Edmonton 
Gary Ernard Pansegrau, Edmonton 
Baldev Singh Parmar, Barrhead 
Metro Pawluk, Edmonton 
Chester Orlando Peel, Edmonton 
Sister Mary Annella 

(Giselle Mary Pek), Saskatchewan 
Jessie Ross Pendergast, Rocky 
Mountain House 
Nigel Ian Pengelly, Delburne 
Leonel Laval Perra, Edmonton 
Lawrence Frank Peta, Hardieville 
Sister Celine-du-Carmel 

(Berthe Pigeon), Saskatchewan 
Jean Smith Pilkington, Edmonton 
Perry Mark Plester, Edmonton 
Malti Prasad, High Prairie 
Daniel John Precht, Edmonton 
James Alexander Proudfoot, Red Deer 
Henry Pruss, St. Michael 
Vernon Ray, Edmonton 
David Gary Rea, Edmonton 
Alan Stewart Reynar, Foremost 
Phyllis Grace Reynar, Edmonton 
Kenneth Charles Rispler, Thorsby 
LeEllen Marie Riva, Canmore 
Malcolm Stewart Robertson, Edmonton 
Marilyn Jean Rolfson, Ontario 
Patricia Anne Roper, Edmonton 
Margaret Eileen Rowe, Duffield 
Gordon Rutz, Calgary 
Janet Anne St. Clair, Ponoka 
Sister Therese-des-Cherubins (Laure 
Jacqueline St. Denis), Edmonton 
Arthur John Sansom, Medicine Hat 
John Peter Schile, Maleb 
Josef Franz Paul Schmelz, Edmonton 
Anthony Joseph Schmidt, Red Deer 
Darlene Marie Schrader, Bowden 
Fred Oscar Schreiber, Edmonton 
Gertrud Schreiber, Edmonton 
Reginald Joseph Schuller, Busby 
Gerald Adolf Shultz, Edmonton 
Gordon Horst Schulz, Edmonton 
Frank Schweiger, Calgary 
Sophie Semeniuk, Edmonton 
George Severin, Edmonton 
Carole Jean Shacker, Edmonton 
Stella Shein, Edmonton 
Nancy Shemeluck, Edmonton 
Gerald Bruce Shields, Edmonton 
Nancy Ann Shysh, Vilna 
Ajmer Singh Sidhu, Edmonton 
Jaswant Singh, Edmonton 
Libbie Margaret Sivertson, Edmonton 
Delmer Leroy Skaret, Edmonton 
Gerald Francis Smith, Calgary 
Gwyneth Elizabeth Smith, Nanton 
Maureen Jean Smith, Edmonton 
Norman Osborne Smith, Ponoka 
Sidney Kendrick Smith, Medicine Hat 

Lawrence Daniel Solarz, Lamont 
Ann Alvern Spears, Grande Prairie 
Sister Margaret Stella 

(Teresa Elizabeth Spence), Edmonton 
Anita Margot Staples, Calgary 
Anne Margaret Stephens, Edmonton 
Arend Stolte, Alhambra 
Ethel Lorraine Strang, Ontario 
Viola Jean Sunohara, Edmonton 
Christopher, Francis Swan, Lloydminster 
Nancy Tarlton, Edmonton 
LaDonna Anne Tessari, Calgary 
Delsie June Thachuk, Edmonton 
Sister Aline Therese 

(Aline Thibault), Saskatchewan 
Leslie Llewellyn Thomas, Berwyn 
Allan Douglas Throndson, Camrose 
Mona Blanche Timko, Scandia 
Helen Tkachenko, Edmonton 
Nick Tkachuk, Myrnam 
Ronald Elmer Tkachuk, Edmonton 
Lawrence John Tomko, Edmonton 
Sister Alice Jeanne Toullelan, St. Albert 
Ronald Leo Toutant, Edmonton 
Jeanne Marie Tupin, Red Deer 
Charles Clarence Uhlman, Edmonton 
Fred John Umeris, Edmonton 
Anne Corisande Umrysh, Edmonton 
Ronald Bruce Vaughan, Edmonton 
Evan Steven Verchomin, Edmonton 
John Verney, Grande Centre 
Brother Donatus Vervoort, Taber 
Brian Hugh Voice, Edmonton 
Jurgen Ernst Von Schilling, Edmonton 
George Thomas Wagler, Edmonton 
Edmund Wahl, Calgary 
George Craig Wallace, Edmonton 
Kenneth Lyle Ward, Edmonton 
Mary Isabel Ward, Sangudo 
Sidney Russell Waterman, Edmonton 
Donald Ellis Weaver, Peace River 
Brian Sinclair Webster, Drumheller 
Sister Paula Joseph (Rosaline 
Lillian Weinkauf), Edmonton 
Robert Allan Weir, Edmonton 
David George Welsh, Hillcrest 
Catherine Anne Whelihan, Edmonton 
Gerald Emerson Wiebe, Olds 
Helen Victoria Wilinski, Edmonton 
Gisela Wilma Wilson, Edmonton 
James Stanley Wilson, Edmonton 
LeRoy John Wilson, Edmonton 
Donald Wiwad, Andrew 
Kenneth Arthur Wold, Sedgewick 
William Devue Woolf, Edmonton 
Joanne Maxine Wuetherick, Edmonton 
Norman Edward Wuetherick, Edmonton 
Glyn Neil Wynn, Edmonton 
Mary Louise Wynnychuk, Sherwood Park 
Peter William Yacyshyn, Sherwood Park 
Irene Takako Yamamoto, Lethbridge 
Margaret Mary Yuskow, Edmonton 
Tina Zadko, Cold Lake 
Sister Ismael 

(Mary Zadnik), Fairivew 
John George Zapach, Edmonton 


Ronald Steven Zapisocki, Edmonton 
Joseph Zeev, Edmonton 

Ronald Philip Zimmer, Medicine Hat 
Nick Zipchen, Saskatchewan 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Education in Vocational Education 

Denis John Blakeman, Edmonton 
Edward Michael Frederick, Calgary 
William Greenwood, Red Deer 
Clinton Myles Lacroix, Edmonton 
Allan Gordon Leinweber, Stettler 

Joseph Gracien Martineau, Edmonton 
George Raymond Rose, Ellerslie 
John William Scott, Edmonton 
John Thompson Sears, Edmonton 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Education in Industrial Arts 

Irvin Herbert Frank, Edberg Donald Winsor Manuel, Innisfail 

James William Kerr, Red Deer Samuel Pawluk, St. Albert 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy 

Candidates presented by Professor M. J. Huston, 
Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy 

Eugene Lawrence Chipeniuk, Thorhild 
Lillian Rose Harasym, Edmonton 
Ella Loreen Maben, Red Deer 
Donna Marie Mihailoff, Edmonton 
Mary Pencak, Edmonton 

Hil Reijne, Lamont 
Elizabeth Helene Roth, Saskatchewan 
Kenneth David Scott, Edmonton 
Stanley Martin Sovka, Coaldale 
Thomas Orville Taylor, Edmonton 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Science with Major in 
Pharmaceutical Science 
Clifford Irvin French, Calgary 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Commerce 

Candidates presented by Professor H. Harries, 

Dean of the Faculty of Commerce 

Philip James Archibald Cromarty, 

Robert John Douglas, Calgary 
Norman Quinton Emann, Hilda 
Perry-Vanne Johnston, Edmonton 
Gerard Richard Lemieux, Edmonton 
Valerie Ann Long, Enchant 

Waldemar Otto Mielke, Edmonton 
William Eugene Ouellet, Edmonton 
John Robert Sparling, Camrose 
Deryk Harry Thorn, Edmonton 
John Wilson Urie, Edmonton 
Mervin Leland Yoder, Camrose 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing 

Candidates presented by Associate Professor R. L. McClure, 
Director of the School of Nursing 

Patricia Mabel Ann Gallo, Calgary Kathleen Joan Kelly, Saskatchewan 

Inga Olive Jensen, Calgary Audrey Judith Prowse, Jasper 

Lorraine Kaminski, Saskatchewan 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Household Economics 

Candidates presented by Professor E. L. Empey, 
Director of the School of Household Economics 

Patricia Elaine Allin, Edmonton 
Iris Eileen Ewankow, Thorhild 
Joan Julia Haluschak, Myrnam 
Diane Elaine Harrold, Edmonton 
Marie Louise Kaul, Calgary 

Lyndsay Catherine Matthews, Calgary 
Theresa Alice Anne Medd, Edmonton 
Gloria Ann Smith, Vauxhall 
Linda Mary Sorensen, Berwyn 

Admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Physical Education 

Candidates presented by Professor W. D. Smith 

Brian Malcolm Petrie, Australia Larry Eugene Vague, Edmonton 

John Frederick Utendale, St. Albert Ernest James Whitfield, Edmonton 



Diploma in Public Health Nursing 

Candidates presented by Associate Professor R. L. McClure, 

Director of the School of Nursing 

Lillian Natalia Podlubny, Edmonton Freda Vaness, Edmonton 

Diploma in Teaching and Supervision in Schools of Nursing 

Lorraine Alison Duke, Calgary Edda Nikolai, Edmonton 

Diploma in Dental Hygiene 

Candidate presented by Assistant Professor M. Berry, 

Director of the School of Dental Hygiene 
Edythe Larraine Graham, Raymond 

Approval has also been given to granting diplomas to the following students who do not 
attend Convocation. 

Diploma of the 
Douglas John Anders, Australia 
Alex Bakay, Edmonton 
Francois Arsene Joseph Casavant, Legal 
Willard Francis Chandler, Vulcan 
Herbert Graeme Chester, Edmonton 
Angeline Mary Chisholm, Saskatchewan 
Winnifred Maude Clare, Edmonton 
Daniel Eugene Coumoyer, St. Albert 
Herbert Contantine Edwards, Jamaica 
James Barrie Findlater, St. Albert 
Maurice Ronald Greenslade, Edmonton 
Svend Aage Hansen, Edmonton 
Eric John Harder, Edmonton 
John Beddow Hornby, Edmonton 
Stephen Reginald Hrynewich, Bassano 
William Hunchak, Stettler 
Henry Reginald Jeffers, Milk River 
Nicholas Kraychy, Edmonton 
Stuart Taylor Little, Beaverlodge 


Gail Patricia Atwell, Edmonton 
Kathleen Alice Barlow, Calgary 
Mary Ann Bateman, Red Deer 
Evelynne Fay Becker, Banff 
Leslie Ann Blair, Edmonton 
Marilyn Kaye Bruning, Edmonton 
Sharon Beulah Bue, Ontario 
Cecile June Bushko, Vegreville 
Linda Margaret Campbell, Delbume 
Gertrude Elizabeth Clark, Calgary 
Katherine Wendy Clute, Edmonton 
Camilla Isobel Connick, Edmonton 
Donna Lee Cook, Stettler 
Margaret Lynne Davidson, British 

Marjorie Jane Dick, Calgary 
Rosemary Edith Douglas, Edmonton 
Mavis Irene Dunford, Calgary 
Maureen Elizabeth Dunne, Edmonton 
Sandra Dorothy Eade, Fort Saskatchewan 
Patricia Susan England, Northwest 

Judith Anne Flewelling, Lacombe 
Joan Louise Fowler, Calgary 

Faculty of Education 

Alfred Francis McLean, Edmonton 
Louis John Maiko, Vegreville 
Peter Andrew Melnychuk, Edmonton 
Metro Anthony Melnyk, Edmonton 
Pada Menon, Edmonton 
Quentin Louis Mix, Edmonton 
Sister Mary Francis Murray, Edmonton 
Anthony Okonkwo, Edmonton 
Gordon Asaph Orlick, Edmonton 
Robert Henry Peters, Falun 
Mirsil Podealuk, Edmonton 
Anne Barbara Pura, Edmonton 
Kuldip Riar, Edmonton 
William Roy Riley, Edmonton 
Harvey Leroy Treleaven, Wainwright 
Lome Douglas Wiley, Edmonton 
Cecil Archibald Woodward, Edmonton 
Marshall Edward Wynnychuk, 

Sherwood Park 

in Nursing 

Margery Dawn Furnell, Red Deer 
Patricia Anne Carter Galbraith, 

Gail Marjorie Gibb, Saskatchewan 
Georgina May Gibb, Chauvin 
Emily Rose Gogowich, Spedden 
Patricia Jean Gray, Calgary 
Lynda Susan Grove, Edmonton 
Sharon Clara Dove Hafso, Viking 
Doreen Emma Hay, Wetaskiwin 
Annalee Margerate Hirsch, Bawlf 
Aileen Maureen Hoar, Edmonton 
Shirley May Hoffman, Edmonton 
Marlene Carol Johnson, La Glace 
Marion Alice McDonald, Edmonton 
Rene Ann McElroy, Edmonton 
Heather Anne McKenzie, Coronation 
Mary Vera McLean, Edmonton 
Jenny Lee Main, Edmonton 
Georgia Anne Medwid, Grassland 
Caroline Fern Miller, Red Deer 
Margaret Diane Mills, Edmonton 
Laverne Edith Munro, Edmonton 
Rona Margaret Myer, Edmonton 


Patricia Elizabeth Overholt, Athabasca 

Ruth Marlene Penner, Tofield 

Joyce Margaret Pope, Pine Lake 

Lynne Marie Purser, Dewberry 

Phyllis Louise Robertson, Huxley 

Carolyn Ruth Sabey, Quebec 

Doreen Anita Schienbein, Edmonton 

Helen May McKenzie Seerey, Berwyn 

Jean Anne Shewchuk, Abee 

Joyce Alice Sierpinski, Stony Plain 

Janice Jacqueline Sissons, McLennan 

Lillian Mary Hulyk Skrypichayko, Waugh 

Joan Margaret Smith, Camrose 

Susan Mary Snyder, Edmonton 

Mavis Caroline Spallin, Fort Saskatchewan 

Marylin Fay Stenvall, Hythe 
Marlene Joan Stevenson, Camrose 
Edith Jean Stilwell, Calgary 
Patricia Joan Stuart, Edmonton 
Patricia Caroline Suitor, Edmonton 
Grace Mendenhall Svenson, Raymond 
Donna Jean Swanson, Kingman 
Carol Jean Treffry, Wainwright 
Donna Maureen Walker, Wetaskiwin 
Doreen Grace Wasywich, Edmonton 
Catherine Jean Willoughby, Lethbridge 
Sharon Elva Wilson, Bentley 
Constance Joyce Wutzke, Berwyn 
Gloria Jean Yarmoloy, Vegreville 
Joanne Frances Zender, Stettler 

Internal Medicine 

Diagnostic Radiology 
Dr. Arnaldo Galanti 
Dr. Harold Jacobs 

Dr. Robert David Shea 
General Surgery 
General Surgery 
Dr. Roger Michael Hackett 
Dr. William Oswald Onerheim 
Dr. Gerald William Scott 
Dr. Arthur Thomas Whittaker 

Obstetrics and Gynaecology 
Dr. Ronald Peter Beck 
Dr. Mark Erril Boyd 

Dr. Donald Parker 


Dr. Merril W. Packer 
Dr. Donald Neil Walker 


Gould, Milner George 
Grattidge, Robert Elwyn 
McCracken, Lawrence John 

JULY, 1965 

McNaught, Wesley Bridbane 


Burton, Wilfred Mooney 

JUNE, 1965 

Altwasser, Garnet 
Ballantyne, Edwin Erb 
Chopiuk, Eugene Michael 
Cooper, Douglas Alexander 



Patsula, John Joseph 


JUNE, 1965 

Kennedy, Gordon G. 

JULY, 1965 

Riml, Irmtraud 

AUGUST, 1965 

Silvertson, Charles Raye 


Valentine, Llewellyn Frederick 

AUGUST, 1965 

O’Neil, Mark Joseph 

OCTOBER, 1965 

Martinello, Bruno Peter 

MAY, 1965 

Adams, Ryan William 
Anholt, Raymond Andrew 
Baxter, John Maxwell 
Blair, John Wilburt 
Brownless, Edward Anthony 
Buckley, Robert Roy 
Carver, James William 
Cohen, Noah 

D’Antoni, Edward Anthony 
Dahlman, Alden Ernie 
Daly, Wilfred James 
D’Arcy, Dale C. 

David, Robert Harry 
Day, Ivan Lester 
Degraff, Alvan Herbert 
Delbaere, Maurice A. 

Donald, John William Alexander 
Forner, Eric August 
Forrest, James Wilfred 
Galay, Victor John 
Grasley, Donald Alvin 
Greentree, Dennis Murray 
Guyan, Howard Tuttle 

JUNE, 1965 

Bardawill, Victor George 
Borstmayer, Ralph Emil 
Brooks, Robert John 
Bruce, William 
Cook, Robert Ellis 
Dawson, Rober Nathaneil 
Didrickson, Stanley Roy 
Dornian, Nick 
Elko, Ernie Michael 
Enman, Herbert William 
Franssen, Walter Louis 
Hamilton, Gordon James 
Harvey, Alexander 
Holte, Donald Ervin 
Hoogensen, Pieter Christiaan 
Hunter, Robert Joseph McKee 
Hyatt, Vernon 
Jameson, John Robert 
Jennings, Edward Wallace 
Keushnig, Harold Richard 
Kitagawa, Shigerli 
MacRae, Kenneth John 
Mulligan, John Michael 


Hanson, Harold Kenneth 
Hitchings, Gordon Andrew 
Huffman, Henry Ross 
Khan, Saadat Abdul Jabbar 
Knopp, Oliver Gordon 
Lemke, Bryan Leroy 
Lugos, Steven John 
MacLean, Hugh David 
Marston, Charles Frederick 
Martin, Donald John 
McDonald, James Douglas 
McGarry, Michael Grimbly 
Pallas, Andi 
Phillips, Roy A. 

Rivette, John Freeland 
Robertson, William R. 
Rodier, Carl E. 

Shasko, Harold 
Spinney, Alden Clarke 
Stone, John Neil 
Teng, Sidney Hsi-Huan 
Tinkess, Robert Lyle 
Veevers, Andrew Robert 

Munz, Albert Emerich 
Neuss, Wayne Douglas 
Pack, Frederick George 
Parker, Ace R. 

Parks, Thomas 
Posehn, Walter Arthur 
Quigley, Curtis Alfred 
Radu, Earl Jerry 
Raffa, George 
Richardson, Hugh Daryl 
Romanow, Mathew 
Schiwy, Erich Willi 
Schwartz, Howard William 
Sereda, David Ronald 
Sonnenberg, Hugo 
Swanson, Garry Arthur 
Thiessen, John Walter 
Trotter, Gordon T. 

Tuttle, William George 
Van Der Velde, Rien Teunis 
Wells, Brian Bradshaw 
Wilson, Derek William Raymond 


JULY, 1965 

Becker, Russel Wayne 
Bediz, Peter I. 

Befus, Terence Neil 
Bell, Gordon Lennoz 
Berezowski, Michael 
Bertrand, Henry Lewis 
Bowman, Gerald Alvah 
Brooke, William Roland 
Byrtus, George Charles 
Collins, Laurence Alexander 
Cousins, Richard John 
Cowling, Norman H. 

Culham, Gerald Andrew 
Dabbs, William Roland 
Davis, Albert James 
Dey, George Douglas 
Dofka, Herbert Henry 
Dring, George Alexander 
Duprey, Dale Franklin 
Eckford, Donald H. 

Fisher, Donald Grant 
Garbutt, James Gray 
Gardiner, Stephen George 
Gingerrick, Douglas Lome 
Gorkoff, Thomas Henry 
Hanna, Bernard William 
Harvey A. Dale 
Hendrickson, Rodney Kent 
Hennig, William Martin 
Holub, John Andrew 
Jensen, John William 
Johnson, Charles George 

Check, Russel 
Chepyha, Jerome William 
Cooper, David 
Craig, Edward Gale 
Day, Michael John 
Geddes, William Gordon 
Gilliam, Mat Elmer 
Haney, Robert L. 

Harrold, Graig, Evan 
Hartt, Warren Ryan 
Hermann, Richard Copeland 
Jansen, Oscar, A. 

Jones, Donald 
Labelle, Robert William 
Lee, Shik 
Lee Chee, Gibson 
Marshall, G. Merle T. 
Moosman, James Allan 
Nakatsui, Akio 

OCTOBER, 1965 

Bassarab, Doublas Gale 
Bland, Linden Henry Ross 
Brack, John Raymond 
Brisbin, Kenneth James 
Crosby, Russell Kneen 
Dyer, Kenneth Elwyn 
French, Richard Selwyn 
Green, Orin John 
Hallisey, Richard S. 
Kuechler, Eric H. 

Johnson, Paul Fredrick 
Johnson, Roger Gordon Murray 
Kamon, Tibor Geza 
Kerfoot, John Grenville 
Maandag, Jan 
MacArthur, Colin Patrick 
Macauley, George 
MacLean, Hugh David 
McCready, Kenneth Frank 
McFadzean, Thomas Bruce 
Meyer, George William 
Monroe, Duane Donald 
Needham, Norman Gerard 
Ostermann, Bevis Allan 
Pain, Charles G. 

Pocock, Norman Arthur 
Procter, John Edward 
Prowse, Daniel Richmond 
Runolfson, Gerald William 
Sambarsky, James Frederick 
Schulz, H. W. 

Silabonyi, Laszlo, A. 

Sorensen, James Norman 
Trachimowich, Andrew George 
Tufts, Albert Norman 
Turner, William Campbell 
Verbisky, Michael Joseph 
Vollan, Maynard 
Walker, Wyrom Morton 
Ward, Kenneth Watts 
Westbury, Richard 
Wood, John Denison 

Olson, Allan Stuart 
Pamenter, Charles Beverley 
Pitts, James O. 

Remington, Donald Bryce 
Rogers, Eldon Merril 
Rome, Alexander Houston 
Ross, John Munro 
Stitt, Gale Stanley 
Taillefer, Arthur, E. E. 
Terrill, James Wesley 
Thomson, Gerald David 
Tinker, Edward Brian 
Turner, William Richard 
Valpy, Douglas Burnside 
Vaneldik, Jan Frederik 
Vollendorf, Arthur Eugene 
Voss, Walter Arthur G. 
Warchola, Roman 
Wiskel, Bruno William 

MacKenzie, George D. 
Montbriand, Frederick J. 
Nelson, Ronald Jack 
Nieboer, Walter 
Pullen, Jack R. 

Richmond, William Oliver 
Scammell, Edward Richard 
Speer, Raymond 
Tahmazian, Edward Alexander 
Vigrass, Laurence William 


Wahler, Dale E. 
Walker, Donald Irvine 
Weber, Orlan John 

MAY, 1965 

Armstrong, John C. 

Baker, Ian H. 

Benekendorf, Wallace L. 
Bentley, Patrick M. 
Bloomenthal, Alfred 
Boras, John J. 

Bradbum, Mrs. Jonetta 
Braul, Walter 
Burge, David 
Cairns, Robert M. 

Chan, Dan 
Doz, Joseph 
Foster, James L. 

Fuller, Hugh W. A. 
Goodfellow, W. Donald 
Haigh, David R. 

Hay, Donald L. 

Hudson, Lawrence J. G. 
Hustwick, John A. 

Hutton, Mrs. Ingrid 
Irwin, H. J. Lyndon 
Jellis, Edwin A. 

AUGUST, 1965 

Charlebois, Louis Hardy 
Cormack, Margaret 
Decore, Lawrence George 
Edwards, Glyn Kenneth 
Fingarson, John Leonard 
Galloway, William Anthony 
Gaudet, Ernest Hugh Joseph 
Hagon, James O’Leary 

AUGUST, 1965 

Abel, Doreen Gail 
Abraham, Carol Joy 
Achtzener, Mrs. Bev Elliot 
Adnitt, Marilyn Lily 
Ady, Eva Florendine 
Aitken, Louise Audrey 
Allen, Agnella Elaine 
Allen, Carol Clare 
Allwarden, Marion J. 
Anderson, Judith M. 
Anderson, Mary G. 
Anderson, Penny Iona 
Anstruther, Ruth W. 
Archibald, Carol O. 
Arnason, Roberta C. 
Arsene, Mildred Joan 
Atwell, Gail Patricia 
Ausenhus, Signe, L. M. 
Babcock, Ruth B. 

Baerg, Carol Dawn 
Baerg, Elvera Ruth 
Banman, Shirley Anne 
Barlow, Kathleen A. 

Barr, Bernice B. 

Bartsch, Justina 
Bata, Mr. Demosthenis 

Wyard-Scott, Gerald C. 
Wyer, David John 


Karoles, Ronald D. 
Landman, Helmut M. 
Laux, Frederick A. 

Lutes, John W. 
MacCallum, Edward P. 
McQueen, Hugh A. 
Miller, Robert W. 

Morris, David M. 

Oleson, Lawrence W. 
Olthius, John 
Ostrowercha, Miss Alice 
Parrott, Frederick J. 
Pottinger, Robert E. 
Prodor, Leon B. 

Saxton, Geoffrey H. 
Sutherland, Thomas P. 
Taylor, V. Milton 
Thompson, Herbert G. L. 
Van Vliet, Maury G. 
Walter, Ernest 
Webb, Mrs. Eve 
Webb, Michael J. 

Jenkins, David Edward 
Konye, Antal 
Marshall, Ernest Arthur 
Robison, Ivan Michael 
Sunstrum, James H. 
Woods, Roger Sainsbury 
Yuzda, Laurence 


Bateman, Mary A. 

Beach, Barbara Lorraine 
Beach, Diane E. 

Becher, Barbara Paula 
Becker, Evelynne Fay 
Beilman, Hildegard 
Berg, Carol Ann 
Berg, Karen Fay 
Bergh, Marlene Lois 
Bergot, Glenda Lois 
Bergsten, Rosalee M. 
Bickford, Helen 
Bill, Barbara Diane 
Bird, Patricia Jean 
Bishop, Betty Mae 
Black, Colleen Daly 
Blair, Leslie Ann 
Bloomingdale, Shirley K. 
Blough, Ardyce May 
Borgal, Linda Ruth 
Bosch, Kathleen 
Boyd, Sheila Leone 
Boyden, Charlotte R. 
Branigan, Eleanor B. 
Bratke, Barbara Joann 
Braun, Daneve Marie 


Brent, Marjorie Anne 
Breton, Marie Aline 
Bretz, Elsie E. 

Brilz, Evelyn Anne 
Broad, Francis Ann 
Broadhead, R. Lorraine 
Brodie, Patricia H. 

Bruning, Marilyn Kaye 
Bue, Sharon Beulah 
Bury, Margaret Hedwig 
Bushey, Marie E. B. 
Bushko, Cecile June 
Byrne, Maureen E. 

Cadre, Barbara Carry 
Cameron, Karen Jean 
Campbell, Anne Elizabeth 
Campbell, Laurie Anne 
Campbell, Linda M. 
Campbell, Patricia Ann 
Capjack, Arlene Elsie 
Carmichael, Eleanor J. 
Caron, Grace, M. L. 

Carter, Sheila K. 

Caston, Patricia Anne 
Caswell, Jeannie 
Chalmers, Ella Lynne 
Chapman, Ruth Anne 
Charland, Alice S. 

Charter, Barbara Anne 
Childs, Coleen H. 

Chomyk, Helene Sophie 
Christie, Judith D. 

Chupka, Betty Annette 
Church, Brenda Claire 
Cicon, Brenda Kathryn 
Clark, Gertrude E. 

Clark, Judith Aim 
Clark, Roberta Norma 
Clarke, Judith Lynne 
Clute, Katherine W. 

Coad, Isabel Joyce 
Conklin, Lourinda E. 
Connelly, Patricia E. 
Connick, Camilla, I. 

Cook, Donna Lee 
Cooper, Margaret Anne 
Corrigan, Sharon P. 
Coulbourn, Linda Jane 
Craig, Louise Ann 
Crawford, Diane L. 

Crosby, Anita Irene 
Crutcher, Elizabeth A. 
Cunningham, Myrna J. 
Currie, Mary Adella 
Curtis, Sheila M. 

Dahl, Judith Ann 
Dahl, Margaret C. 
Dancause, Annette Eva 
Davidson, Margaret L. 
Davies, Mena 
Davis, Charlene Joann 
De Champlain, Rita J. 
Deines, Carolyn Pat 
de la Salle, Margaret Mary 
De Leeuw, Treva N. 

Delf, Sharon Lee 
Demers, Muriel Claire 

Derksen, Betty Ann 
Descharme, Helen S. 
Desilets, Ruth Christine 
Diamond, Suzanne V. 
Dick, Marjorie Jane 
Diewold, Brenda E. 
Dinwoodie, Sharon K. 
Doering, Vera Hilde 
Donaldson, Carol E. 
Doran, Kathleen P. 
Dorok, Tillie 
Douglas, Margaret E. 
Douglas, Rosemary E. 
Duckett, Mabel Louise 
Duggan, Margaret Anne 
Dunford, Mavis Irene 
Dunne, Maureen E. 
Dunne, Susan K. 

Dyck, Helen Martha 
Dylke, Elaine Agnes 
Eade, Sandra Dorothy 
Earl, Karen M. 

Eckstrand, Marilyn F. 
Edge, Beryl Irene 
Edworthy, Evelyn Gail 
Eicher, Lorna Norene 
Elaschuk, Melvina P. 
Ellingson, Diane Patricia 
Emerson, Sherryl, A. 
Engelman, Erika 
England, Patricia S. 
English, Cheryl E. 
Ensminger, Marlene J. 
Erickson, Cheryl Ann 
Esch, Agnes 
Evans, Glenda May 
Eves, Sharon Mae 
Farwell, Patricia E. 
Faubert, Jeannette K. 
Feader, Edith Marie 
Fedoruk, Rosie 
Fenske, Esther Ruth 
Ference, Mary 
Ferguson, Margaret Anne 
Finley, Carol Diane 
Fisher, Kathleen M. 
Fisher, Sandra C. 
Fitzgerald, Kathleen J. 
Flewelling, Judith A. 
Fogel, Sandra Noreen 
Folkmann, Helen Joanne 
Foreman, M. Fleurette 
Fortier, Marian Rose 
Foster, Dorothy E. 
Fowler, Joan Louise 
Fox, Deirdre Ethel 
Francis, Phyllis D. 

Frank, Magdeline C. 
Fraser, Donna Barker 
Fraser, Judith Anne 
Fredericks, Peggy J. 

Fritz, Elfriede 
Fulkerth, Rita Fay 
Fuller, Joyce Gayle 
Funk, Lois Eleanor 
Fumell, Margery D. 
Gaboury, Lorraine M. 


Galbraith, Patricia A. 
Gale, Susanne E. 

Galicz, June Deanna 
Ganden, Waltraud, E. 
Gee, Etta Louise 
Gehmlich, Charlotte L. 
Georgeson, Sharon G. 
Gessner, Bonnie C. 

Gibb, Gail Marjorie 
Gibb, Georgina May 
Gibson, Marjorie 
Gilchrist, Carol J. 
Glionna, Carol Ann 
Goertz, Anita Lea 
Gogowich, Emily R. 
Golden, Margaret C. 
Gomer, Julia Anne 
Goodwin, Leslie M. 
Grant, Madeline Mary 
Grant, Mary Ann 
Gray, Patricia Jean 
Greiner, Sandra Marie 
Griffith, Gloria Jean 
Grimshaw, Shirley M. 
Grove, Lynda Susan 
Guest, Margaret Ruth 
Guthrie, Gwendolyn I. 
Haaland, Sheryll Lynn 
Hafso, Sharon C. 

Hall, Sharon Carol 
Hansen, Virginia Lee 
Hanson, Heather G. 
Hanzel, Elizabeth Emma 
Harriman, Elizabeth M. 
Harrison, Dana Sue 
Harrison, Iona Jean 
Harrison, Laura Maria 
Hartrick, Arlene M. 

Hay, Doreen Emma 
Heggerud, Sharon Rose 
Heie, Jeanette Marie 
Herman, Janet Minnie 
Hicks, Janet Ruby 
Hilderbrandt, Marjorie 
Hilman, Jane Francis 
Hingston, Corinne A. 
Hinton, Shirley M. 
Hirsch, Annalee M. 
Hoar, Aileen Maureen 
Hodges, Roberta Anne 
Hoffman, Shirley May 
Holborn, Hella H. 

Holt, Carol Ann 
Hornady.Anna Mae 
Hornberger, Gail J. 
Horon, Vivian J. 
Hostetler, Iris Faye 
Hume, Shirley Anne 
Hunter, Joan Agnes 
Hursch, Sharon 
Hutchinson, Pat Lee 
Hutton, Lois Lorraine 
Huxley, Eileen Ruth 
Intscher, Ellen Finch 
Ito, Jean Emiko 
Iverson, Marian Jenny 
Jaap, Beverley Anne 

Janzen, Elisabeth 
Janzen, Frieda 
Jarvis, Pat Diane 
Jespersen, Iona Merle 
Johannson, Donna Rae 
Johnson, Gloria M. 
Johnson, Marlene C. 
Johnson, Sharon Lea 
Johnston, Roberta Jean 
Joll, Sharolyn Veronica 
Joly, Claire Lillian 
Jorgenson, Patricia L. 
Kalutich, Sharon B. 
Kantor, Genevieve 
Kaptein, Lorraine A. 
Kay, Kay Irene 
Kedra, Margaret M. 
Keen, Kathleen P. 

Kelm, Liesbeth 
Kennedy, Rosemarie L. 
Kennedy, Sheila A. 
Kinniburgh, Marion E. 
Kirkland, Marlene M. 
Kitura, Melanie B. 
Knowlton, Judith S. 
Knudston, Carol L. 
Knuston, Karen M. 
Korella, Orma L, 

Kosaka, Thelma M. 
Kosior, Eileen O. 
Koskinen, Doris A. 
Kotke, Mrs. C. Smith 
Kozak, Evangelen 
Koziol, Neda 
Kreiser, Yvonne Julia 
Kruchten, Patricia M. 
Kubik, Vera May 
Lake, Carol Marilyn 
Lambert, Jannice I. 
Landeen, Ora Mae 
Lapier, Frances May 
Lazenby, Catherine M. 
Lee, Judith Anderson 
Lidberg, Iris I. 

Linder, Rosemarie 
Lloyd, Elizabeth Anne 
Long, Elizabeth A. 

Loo, Pui-King 
Ludwig, Diana Loretta 
Luft, Valerie Joan 
Lundberg, Emma Diane 
Lundblad, Florence E. 
Lundsven, June Mabel 
Lussier, Marie-Claire 
Lyon, Karin Will 
MacGregor, Sandra J. 
MacMath, Margo Wendy 
MacKinlay, Sandra F. 
MacLean, Patricia Joan 
Maguire, Lorene F. 
Main, Jenny Lee 
Makel, Vivian Rose 
Malcolm, Gail Lee 
Mannall, Shirley A. F. 
Marek, Anne 
Marianych Edna Julia 
Marshall, Wilma Irwin 


Martin, Marilyn L. 

Mastel, Lorraine R. 

Mastel, Rosemarie R. 
Mathieson, Janet C. 
McAdam, Joanne Marie 
McBride, Bertha Ellen 
McCammon, Kathleen T. 
McCrea, Marie Joan 
McCue, Elizabeth Bausman 
McDonald, Marion A. 
McElroy, Rene Ann 
McEwen, Sheila Sandra 
McGillis, Marion E. 
McGinnis, Sharon M. 
McKeeman, Mary Elizabeth 
McKellar, A. Gwen 
McKenzie, Heather A. 
McLean, Mary Vera 
McLeod, Marlene A. 
McMillan, Maxine G. 
McMillan, Wynne M. 
McMurchy, Lillian D. 
McNiven, Margaret Jane 
McPherson, Mary Lynn 
Medwid, Georgia Anne 
Meheriuk, Lillian E. 
Meldrum, Donna Ruth 
Mercer, Mary Eleanor 
Meyer, Ruth Irene 
Mikalson, Olivia 
Millar, Mae E. 

Miller, Caroline F. 

Miller, Cecilia M. 

Mills, Margaret D. 

Mischuk, Elizabeth 
Mix, Joyce A. 

Moffat, Kathryn E. 

Molland, Eleanor W. 

Moore, Barbara G. 

Moore, Geraldine D. 
Morrow, Evelyn M. 

Morrow, Marilyn B. 

Mottus, Jeanie L. 

Munro, Laverne Edith 
Murphy, Donna Arlene 
Murphy, Lyla 
Murphy, Maureen J. 
Murray, Ann Beveridge 
Musal, Linda 
Myer, Rona Margaret 
Newton, Helen L. 

Nichols, Mary Lou 
Niven, Lallie Nan 
Norgard, Edith Leona 
Obrigewitch, Gloria Marie 
Offen, Elizabeth Ann 
Olofson, Diane E. 

O’Neil, Kathleen L. 
Onyshko, Mary L. 
O’Riordan, Gayla May 
Ottoson, Shirley Louise 
Overholt, Patricia E. 

Owens, Ruth Beverley 
Parlee, Miriam Ruth 
Patrick, Joy M. A. 

Paul, Elaine Ruth 
Paulson, Sylvia Ann 

Pawlowski, Mary Ann 
Pearce, Ann Cecilia 
Pearson, Mrs. Lorenz 
Penley, Elaine Joy 
Penner, Annie 
Penner, Hilda 
Penner, Ruth Marlene 
Peterson, Brenda B. 
Phillips, Connie F. 
Phillips, Joan Leslie 
Piche, Jocelyn Cecile 
Pickering, Myrla Dell 
Pinder, Loretta A. 
Playford, Verone L. 
Podloski, E. Yaceyko 
Poffenroth, Betty N. 
Polok, Loreen Joyce 
Pope, Joyce Margaret 
Powelson, Valerie C. 
Price, Frances E. 

Prince, Bette Jane 
Prince, Judy R. 
Procinsky, Mildred H. 
Pshoniak, Larissa, M. 
Purnell, Sharon L. 
Purser, Lynne M. 
Rambold, Anne Marlene 
Ranta, Lynne Stabback 
Read, Kathleen M. 

Red Crow, Mary M. 
Redel, Sharon Anne 
Reeder, Peggy Eva 
Rehaume, Joyce B. 

Reis, Marilyn C. 

Reid, Darryl Keenan 
Reynolds, Lorraine V. 
Richmond, Lorraine R. 
Risdon, Donna F. 

Robert, Lisette, J. 
Robertson, Phyllis 
Robson, Marjorie B. 
Rochefort, Joan Marie 
Rosenau, Joyce M. 
Rouse, Verna Eva 
Rovere, Rita Lucia 
Roy, Sharon Eva 
Ruhl, Lois Sharon 
Russell, Judith D. 
Rutten, Doris Irene 
Ryll, Irma 

Sabey, Carolyn Ruth 
Sage, Margaret 
Sandul, Genevieve M. 
Sargeant, Joy L. 
Saunders, Marilyn Joy 
Saunders, Sheila J. 
Schaumberger, Margaret 
Scheuerman, Victoria M. 
Schienbein, Doreen A. 
Schipper, Mathilde 
Schmidt, Delores 
Schwab, Mary Joan 
Scraba, Diana Lou 
Seerey, Helen 
Semeniuk, Constance 
Semeniuk, Phyllis A. 
Sestrap, Audrey Faye 


Sharp, Mildred Lois 
Shaw, Lynda Lee 
Sherbino, Elizabeth L. 
Shewchuk, Jean Anne 
Shirt, Irene Laurette 
Sierau, Marlene Rosa 
Sierpinski, Joyce A. 
Simanton, Dorothy May 
Sissons, Janice J. 

Sister Francis Rose 
Sister Lorraine Marie 
Sister Marie Cecile 
Skrypichayko, Lillian 
Smith, Joan Margaret 
Smith, Mavis Frances 
Smyth, Helen Cooper 
Snyder, D. Gail 
Snyder, Susan Mary 
Soetaert, Marguerite 
Solorenko, Beverley F. 
Souwand, Mitsi 
Spaetgens, Anne C. 

Spallin, Mavis C. 

Stadel, Jane Moonen 
Stafford, Reta Jane 
Steele, Darlene S. 

Stenvall, Marylin Fay 
Stepa, Lillian L. 

Stephen, Yvonne Elizabeth 
Stevenson, Marlene J. 
Stiem, Janice Arzelle 
Stilwell, Edith Jean 
Strathdee, Shirley J. 
Strembitsky, Flo L. 

Strom, Beverley 
Strumecki, Janet L. 

Stuart, Patricia Joan 
Suitor, Patricia C. 

Svenson, Grace M. 
Swanson, Donna Jane 
Sych, Bari Bucci 
Sych, Sylvia Anne 
Syverson, Grace E. 
Tatarchuk, Janet M. 
Taylor, Elizabeth 
Telford, Bette Jean 
Thiessen, Katherine 
Thiessen, Mary B. 

Thorsen, Ann Louise 
Thoen, Ann Somerville 
Tobler, Geraldine M. 

APRIL, 1965 

Ebrahimi Hussain Zia 

OCTOBER, 1965 
Adams, John 
Butterley, Ronald John 
Moeller, Margarete Algreen 

Toman, Elaine Marie 
Toso, Gail Marie 
Treffry, Carol Jean 
Tremmel, Joanne Marie 
Tunall, Marjorie 
Turner, Sandra 
Vander Floeg, Elizabeth 
Vandervaart, Geraldine E. 
Varga, Andrea Comfort 
Vektoris, Mary Anne 
Waddy, Doreen Elaine 
Wakal, Lorraine 
Walker, Donna Maureen 
Wallis, Myrna Farnham 
Warwa, Maryann Judith 
Wasik, Jeanette Mary 
Wasywich, Doreen G. 
Watling, Jetty T. 

Watson, Donna Marilyn 
Wawrzonek, Helen Mary 
Weeks, Norma 
Weizenbach, Joyce 
West, Catherine S. 

West, Kathleen S. 

White, Carol F. 

White, Lorna Ruth 
Whitehead, Leslie D. 
Whiteside, Tina Mavis 
Wideman, Eva Marlene 
Wiggins, Patricia M. 
Williams, Diane C. 
Willoughby, Catherine 
Wilson, Marilyn Rita 
Wilson, Sharon Elva 
Winder, Shirley Anne 
Winters, Madge Elaine 
Woods, Elaine F. 
Woodford, Rosemary 
Woodward, Shirley A. 
Wooldridge, Faye C. 
Wright, Lorraine Mae 
Wutzke, Constance Joyce 
Yackimetz, Gloria A. 
Yarmoloy, Gloria Jean 
Younggren, Sandra Ruth 
Zahary, Doreen 
Zanutig, Sylvia P. 

Zender, Joanne F. 
Zirkwitz, Brigette K. 
Zweifel, Ruth Emily 


Robinson, Janet Lynn 
Strong, Jack William 
Whitton, Elizabeth M. 

AUGUST, 1965 
Reid, Wallace S. 

OCTOBER, 1965 
Holt, Eric Arthur 


Firth, Ian Leask